Demi Moore’s drug choices unusual for her age, according to top addiction expert

The details of Demi Moore’s physical breakdown are coming to light in recent news reports.

First, Moore’s 911 tape will be released, minus any personal location details. The Los Angeles Times reports the Los Angeles city attorney’s office will redact all personal information to comply with federal privacy laws.

Moore’s publicist said Tuesday that the actress is seeking professional help to treat her exhaustion and improve her health. Publicist Carrie Gordon says the decision is due to the stresses in Moore’s life.

Reports have surfaced identifying the culprit in her collapse. drug nitrous oxide, more commonly referred to as “laughing gas” or “whippits.”

The drug is an anesthetic and calm dental patients’ anxiety but it is also sold in small cartridges that are intended for use in making whipped cream. These containers can easily be misused and the abuse can have serious consequences.

Dr. David Sack is at the forefront of drug addiction rehabilitation.  Dr. Sack serves as CEO at Promises Treatment Centers. He has extensive experience in clinical, research and administrative psychiatry, and has served as a senior clinical scientist at NIMH, where his research interests included affective disorders, seasonal and circadian rhythms and neuroendocrinology.  Dr. Sack offered Monsters and Critics his opinion on this unusual case of substance abuse from what information has been released to the press.

“This is a truly unusual case, as the average age for this kind of inhalant abuse is 15.5 years of age,” Dr. Sack tells M&C in a phone interview January 27. “Demi is an outlier, meaning at her age, this is highly unusual to see. Coupled with the excessive Red Bull drinking that is being reported, it suggests that she was managing her possible eating disorder, depression or anxiety with these various things to control weight gain and simply keep her energy levels up.”

“Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) abuse is predominately found in medical professionals and teenagers.  Nerve damage caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency and impaired memory and coordination are known to occur with chronic high dose use, says Dr. Sack. “Deaths due to overdoses usually involve other drugs such as prescription opiates and cocaine. Deaths associated with the dental use of nitrous oxide are due to respiratory depression and cardiac arrest, that may not be caught by the dentist in time,” Dr. Sack adds.

Dr. Sack says, “Again, like any drug, there are consequences with the entire family of inhalants, including this, as the lungs absorb the toxin quickly and disperse immediately to the brain and vascular system.”
Now, reports that Demi Moore was obsessively drinking the energy drink Red Bull in weeks preceding her 911 emergency. The website claims Moore has long been a consumer of the caffeinated beverage.

According to TMZ:

“Sources connected with Red Bull North America tell us … Demi was so dependent on the energy drink, the company used her to market the product…Sources from the Red Bull company tell us … the delivery schedule was frequent enough to ensure Demi was never without Red Bull.”

TMZ claims that Moore was using Red Bull in lieu of eating and drinking alcohol. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.