Demi Lovato is ‘Jessie’s’ Girl (VIDEO)

Jessie’s Girl (VIDEO)Demi Lovato is paying it forward.

Earlier this year ACUVUE’ announced it’s celebrity mentoring program for its third year.

It offered teenagers the opportunity to share their talents to the world and a chance to be mentored by young musicians in an online competition, and now has featured the best contestants in a mini-documentary style video series.

The ACUVUE 1-DAY is a unique opportunity for young teens to meet in person and be mentored for a day by celebrities like Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas and Dwight Howard. 

Jessie was the the first of a selected few young and talented teens chosen for this mentoring experience.  Her dream of being coached by her idol Demi Lovato was made true and Demi inspired her to come out her shell, show the world her talents and follow her dreams. 

Jessie debuted her talents by performing Demi’s hit “Heartbreak” in front of her family and celebrity  mentor.  Stay tuned for more stories similar to Jessie to be released in the coming weeks.

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