Demetri Martin talks brains, Thai chicken pizza and prime numbers

Demetri Martin is a great all-around person, if you ask Lauren Corrao of Comedy Central.  The president of original programming ushered in the comic at the recent TCA’s at Universal City in promotion of his series “Important Things with Demetri Martin.”

Martin did not flinch at the room of wizened and worn-out television critics.

“Okay, some stats on me.  I’m 5’11”. I dropped out of law school. I have extensive food allergies- seafood, poultry and nuts.  It’s pretty serious, anaphylaxis, it could killl me, but I’m still pretty stuffed despite that.  If I avoid those foods, I can hang with anybody.  I got a lot of stamina,” a deadpanned Martin shared with us all.

Demetri elaborated on his food issues. “This is a detail.  Thai chicken pizza with shrimp added to it would be the worst thing I could ever eat.  I think the peanut sauce, the poultry and the seafood all in one.  I was out to lunch with some people and three of them got Thai chicken pizza and one person had shrimp on it.  And it was terrible.”

Martin veered away from food to share the details of his comedy series.  “Okay, TV show basics, let’s get into the show here. That’s what we’re here for.  It’s called ‘Important Things with Demetri Martin.’ We saw that vido there [points to screen where promo ran prior] Those are some of the least funny parts of the show.  I wanted to show the shittiest stuff so then everyone would be even more surprised with how excellent it is after that.  So if you liked any of that, I think you will really like the rest of it.”

The room of normally stiff cranky critics who had recently just shellacked Ted Haggard and his ‘I’m not gay’ HBO documentary and who were bracing for the afternoon session of Bridget Marquardt’s Travel Channel Beach series, had warmed up at this point and were making approving-like noises.

Martin pressed on. “It’s a new show. It’s a seven-based show.  There’s seven episodes in the first season.  So in that sense it’s prime in that seven is a prime number.  You know, you can;t divide it other than seven and one as the divisor so [audence is now really laughing] … that killed. I’m glad I did that.”

Demetri’s series on Comedy Central has proven to be a performer for the network, and now his latest episode involves grey matter.

Think about brains… and then try and think without one. Martin will teach you all about them with the help of jokes, sketches and more. 

This Wednesday night at 10:30pm on Comedy Central – the latest episode of “Important Things with Demetri Martin” features some data on Brains.

Demetri compares the thickness of necks to the number of books read, and the difference between an improper fraction and a ‘really improper fraction.’

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