Deepak Chopra calls out Michael Jackson enablers on CNN, in interviews

Deepak Chopra, who became close with Michael Jackson, was interviewed by Larry King on CNN and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann the night after his death.

Chopra describes receiving a phone call from him just days ago, recalling he was “in a good mood.”  In 2005, Jackson had asked Chopra to hook him up with Oxycontin so he can deal with pain. “I was very aware he had a problem,” Chopra says. He also blames “legalized drug pushers” for the current “Hollywood culture.”

Chopra also shared with CNN’s chat show host Larry King that those surrounding Michael Jackson enabled and facilitated Jackson’s over-usage of prescription drugs.

In an interview with People magazine, Chopra shared that Jackson suffered from lupus, an autoimmune disease, and a skin disorder for many years.

“He had been diagnosed with lupus and he had vitiligo,” Chopra tells People. “There’s some recent research that suggests that if children have experienced either physical or verbal, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, then 20, 30 years later they can develop these autoimmune diseases including lupus.”

He adds, “Michael, he was never sexually abused but according to him, he was traumatized verbally and physically in his childhood, and it was a big issue with him.”

Chopra said it can cause skin discoloration known as vitiligo. “He had a lot of blotches on his skin, huge white patches all over his body. So he would cover up his body and that of course gave food for fodder to the press,” Chopra says.

Jackson used Oxycontin, Vicodin and Demerol, Chopra said both on CNN’s Larry King and to People magazine.

Liza Minnelli also threw a big stone at Joe Jackson, referring to him as “that Father” who “pushed him and all the Jackson kids onstage.”

“He never had a childhood,” said Minelli.

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