Dead Scared – Book Review

When yet another Cambridge undergraduate dramatically attempts to commit suicide; the police start asking questions.  After all, the daughter of a senior police officer is attending the same university and there are fears she may be the next victim. 

A young police officer is sent undercover to investigate.  DC Lacey Flint has to pose as a depression prone, vulnerable student and has to live in the rooms originally occupied by one of the suicide victims. 

Her identity is secret to all but psychiatrist Evi Oliver. Together they start to ask questions and uncover subculture of intimidation throughout the University.  Soon Lacey begins to wonder if her identity has been compromised – or whether her undercover identity is just too real.

She starts to suffer from the same disturbing nightmares experienced by the various suicide victims.  Is it really suicide – or is it murder? What are the links with medical experimentation many years earlier?

Then there are rumors that a police officer may be involved.  Can DC Flint and her boss DI Mark Joesbury find the perpetrators before Flint becomes another suicide victim?  The pace is fast and furious. The atmosphere of a university town and the sometimes claustrophobic life of its colleges is brought brilliantly to life. 

The plotting is excellent, as it steadily develops page by page keeping you enthralled and wanting to know what happens next.  Definitely worth reading.