Dead Giveaway: Charles Ramsey is a broke dude

The latest auto-tune star (move over Sweet Brown) is Charles Ramsey.

The Ohio kidnapping “hero” famously said his rapist kidnapping neighbor “had big testicles” who he “ate barbecue with” is now a broke homeless dude.

Charles Ramsey was given a lifetime supply of Big Macs from McDonalds, which he mentions in his famous on air interview, and for awhile he was the toast of Ohio for inadvertantly rescuing three kidnapped women kidnapped and imprisoned by some demented brothers.

Now, Ramsey said that he’s been forced out of his home by neighbors who think he exaggerated his role in the rescue, leaving him homeless.  

Charles Ramsey told MailOnline: ‘I’m broke bro, and that’s the truth’ and said that he is homeless because no landlord wants the hassle of taking him in.  He claims he can’t hold down a job because of the attention he receives. He said when he worked in a kitchen so many customers would barge in to shake his hand that he was fired.

Sources tell MailOnline, however, that Ramsey’s income in the two months since the girls escaped is around $30,000, including fees from lucrative corporate speaking engagements and $15,000 donated by well-wishers. He has been booked in for another four speaking slots and can expect his earnings to reach $50,000. He has bought an $8,000 BMW, bragged about being rich and started a business selling T-shirts with his face on them for $25 each.

Ramsey, 45, became an overnight celebrity in May when he proclaimed he saved Amanda Berry by prying open the door to the home in Cleveland, Ohio where she was being held when she banged on it for help. When police arrived they discovered Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight held hostage as well.

Ramsey’s 911 call and his off the cuff account of setting aside his McDonald’s meal to help went viral, while a CNN interview he gave was turned into a song by the Gregory Brothers called ‘Dead Giveaway.’


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