David Gest, ex husband of Liza Minnelli, sued for sexual harassment

David Gest, the former husband of Liza Minnelli, has been sued by a former personal assistant who claims he was sexually harassed by Gest on several occasions.

Charles R. Beyer has filed a lawsuit in a federal court stating he was “sexually harassed” and “humiliated” by Gest while working as his personal assistant last summer

“David A. Gest made sexual comments, touched plaintiff in a sexual nature, wrote sexual comments in plaintiff’s calendar, paid another employee to touch plaintiff,” Beyer, 35, wrote in a complaint he filed himself. According to reports from CourtTV.
In a statement released to news outlets, David Gest’s attorney, Edward Bearman, said Gest “tried to do Beyer a favor by giving him a temporary job that lasted only nine weeks.”  Bearman also stated that the plaintiff would not leave Gest alone, the attorney speculated it was a “bogus” attempt to extort money from a celebrity.

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