David Duchovny sues over tennis pro love match claims

“Californication” star David Duchovny is suing the UK paper that broke the Edit Pakay tennis pro love match story that alluded she had a sexual relationship with him.

Duchovny is separated from his wife,Tea Leoni, the mother of his two children.

Reports are the star of Showtime’s hit series about his character Hank Moody, a writer in existential free-fall with sex addiction issues, is furious about the article.

Duchovny is suing the British newspaper Daily Mail over a story alleging he cheated on Leoni with a Hungarian born tennis instructor Edit Pakay.

TMZ.com reports that the lawsuit, filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges defamation and invasion of privacy.  Duchovny wants $1 million in damages.

“This is false.  It never happened,” the lawsuit stated.  According to the suit, the Daily Mail’s story was taken down from the paper’s Web Site on Tuesday.  Other news outlets picked up on the story and several versions were posted on the Internet which caused “additional and further damage to David Duchovny,” the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit claimed Duchovny never hired Pakay to be his tennis coach.  

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