David Bellamy’s Complete Guide to Watercolour Painting – Book Review

This is definitely a guide to watercolor painting that no artist can afford to be without. It is absolutely packed with information and advice.  David Bellamy is a skilled water colorist in his own right, and the book is full of examples of his work. 

Topics covered including creating compositions, still life, understanding tone, buildings, painting people, coastal scenery and landscapes.  There are step by step instructions for specific projects relating to a pottery still life, a hedgerow, old farmhouse, harbor scene and unusually – a scene portraying women at a Peruvian market. The instructions are extremely clear – anyone can follow them and get a reasonable picture as a result.

Do you paint realistically or use your imagination?  Should you be looser in your work?  What are advantages of working from nature?  How can you train your visual memory?  These and lots of other questions are answered in a very practical way. 

Whether you are wanting an introduction to water color or are seeking to develop your skills – this has to be one of the most essential books you can find. 

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