David Beckham’s a threat to ‘Balls’

World Cup and Medical News collide.   England’s Soccer or footballer star, David Beckham’s right foot, considered by his fans to be a threat to soccer balls on the field, is also facing scrutiny by organization GreenPeace that his perfume is “questionable”, citing possible harm to men’s reproductive organs.   “Chemicals that penetrate the skin and that are under suspicion for causing harm to men’s ability to reproduce, as well as chemicals that are hormone disrupting.”

GreenPeace alleges that Beckham’s fragrance was said to contain a banned substance called DEHP, a chemical compound “used to soften plastics.”

“In Greenpeace we don’t think it’s particularly masculine or sexy to sell a perfume containing the forbidden substance DEHP or substances under suspicion of causing harm to male reproductivity,” Greenpeace biologist Henrik Pedersen said in a statement to Swedish media.

Other than Beckham’s “Instinct”, other products GreenPeace also tested fragrances promoted by Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Andre Agassi.

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