David Beckham DVD Gets US Release

With his renowned worldwide following and striking charismatic appeal, David Beckham is the most globally recognizable superstar in the realm of soccer. And now Really Bend It Like Beckham, the master’s first instructional two-disc DVD set, is finally scheduled for domestic release April 12, 2005 on Capital Entertainment.

Through state of the art high-definition video, enhanced slow motion effects and Matrix-style move-by-move image breakdown, audiences are treated for the first time to Beckham’s amazing technique and prowess. In addition, it is an inspirational video for aspiring young athletes, people new to the game, as well as die-hard fans, featuring 100 minutes of guidance on every aspect of the sport. With Beckham himself as teacher, this is the most high-profile instructional soccer video ever on the market.

What makes Really Bend It Like Beckham unique is that it is not a computer-generated special effects gimmick. It is the first DVD of its kind to feature — through 360-degree extreme slow motion footage — the artistry of this one-of-a-kind athlete at the height of his game. Beckham, himself, was thoroughly involved with the production of the DVD. Through the use of revolutionary technology, coupled with Beckham’s one-on-one instruction with a select group of kids, this is the first-ever insight into one of the world’s greatest soccer players as he not only shares his secrets — he demonstrates them in all their glory.

Said Beckham, “With this video, I’d like to pass on what I have learned from great managers and coaches down the years. I’m extremely proud of this DVD. I hope everyone out there enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

The DVD is available to pre-order via Amazon, UK readers (released last October) can already pick it up on the high street or order via Amazon UK.

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