David Arquette talks about his marriage therapy

David Arquette and wife Courteney Cox work together in their Hollywood production offices, Coquette.

As the first camera crew to film inside, “Extra” caught a glimpse of both their offices and proved that opposites do attract!

In the past, the couple admitted that therapy helped their marriage.

“Courteney and I were going through a time and the therapist had great advice. He said to Extra, ‘Listen, what you guys really have to do is be kinder to each other.’ It’s such a simple concept but it’s a really important concept with a relationship…The other great advice he had given us was when you’re in a relationship, it’s really not just about you anymore. You have to consider another person’s feelings and…How certain situations will affect them and with a child as well….It’s hard in this town especially, just in general relationships are, but they’re great.”

Arquette, father to four-year-old daughter Coco, was over the moon about having children. “What amazed me about having a kid was it redefined my definition of love….It just makes you love your partner so much more, makes you love life more and this new person unconditionally. It’s so cool,” he declared. 

He continued, “People throw away relationships too easily. Marriages especially in this town. Not in this town but in this world.”

Arquette, along with musician friend Ben Harper, is launching new clothing line Propr which will be available at Kitson and Bloomingdales.

“Extra’s” interview with David Arquette airs tonight.


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