Date-hating Jennifer Aniston two-timed by John Mayer?

Jennifer Aniston tells Extra the “dating sucks.”

She might have read the blind item from last week’s Page Six that was revealed by blogger Janet Charlton, who claimed Aniston’s ex boyfriend John Mayer was two timing her when they were an item, with a star of The Hills.   

John Mayer is reportedly dating Kristin Cavallari.   Apparently the two were hooking up for the last two years, according to Charlton.  

Janet Charlton reports:

“They have been hooking up secretly at a mutual friend’s house in the Mt Olympus area of the Hollywood Hills for the past two years! Our source says that Kristin was hesitant to date John publicly because she didn’t want to be added to his long list of conquests, and they were both dating other people off and on. Recently their “friends with benefits” relationship has evolved, and they are actually considering going public.”

Aniston tells “Extra” she’s not a fan of the dating world. “Dating sucks,” Aniston confessed, adding, “I just don’t understand it, I find it bizarre.” The 40-year-old says she has even “excused” herself to the bathroom during an uncomfortable date, and then “excused” herself out of the establishment.

How does Jenn stay so fit? Running. “It leans you.” The star is also a yoga-enthusiast and she says she tries to “move every day.”

“Extra’s” complete one-on-one interview with Jennifer Aniston airs tonight.

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