Dark clouds over Scary Spice’s new husband

Shocking everyone, Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown has inadvertently let it be known she has married Stephen Stansbury, now going under the stage name of Belafonte.

The pair eloped in Las Vegas on June 6th and have kept the news secret until Perez Hilton broke the news first.

“Mel’s tried very hard to keep this under wraps, especially with the paternity case against Eddie [Murphy] and everything going on,” a source tells Perez. “She really values her privacy.”

Sources also reveal that Mel has taken steps to protect her children. “Yes, they signed a prenup.”

She didn’t want to listen to her inner circle warning her about her new suspicious boyfriend and now husband, according to Hollywood reporter Janet Charlton.

Charlton claims Mel “kept it a secret because she knew her friends and family didn’t approve. Apparently this Stephen guy has her mesmerized – his real last name seems to be Stansbury, not Belafonte.”

Charlton is being swamped by reports of Stephen’s alleged shady dealings and doings, people “who claim to have gone to school with him say the high school dropout is a scam artist, an animal killer, a liar and a psycho who makes friends with wealthy people and robs them.”

Charlton also claims that Stansbury/Belafonte “has a prison record, outstanding warrants, and living with a wealthy 60 year old Beverly Hills woman and picking up girls in her luxury car and bringing them home at night.”

Charlton claims her sources revealing these things are not confirmed as of yet.

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