Daniel Day-Lewis, James Gandolfini and Rainn Wilson speak at SAG awards

Stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Rainn Wilson and James Gandolfini joined the cast of "Ugly Betty" to speak with Extra regarding their awards and other subjects.</P> <P>Moments after Day-Lewis dedicated his Best Actor win to Heath Ledger, the actor was literally speechless when Extra’s Dayna Devon asked why Ledger’s tragic death has affected him so deeply. </P> <P>Lewis could only muster, “I’m just reluctant to make some trite remark about it right now. I’m sorry.”</P> <P>Also the famously camera shy James Gandolfini displayed a side rarely seen on television. Celebrating "The Sopranos" win for Best TV Drama Ensemble backstage with “Extra,” Gandolfini joked about Edie Falco kissing Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock, feigning jealousy and saying, “Making out with Alec Baldwin and not me? What does that mean?!”                                                              </P> <P>The stars also spoke of the writer’s strike and being anxious to return to work.</P> <P>“I’m ready to get back to work but I never get tired of time off,” said Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton. Newton’s co-star, Ana Ortiz, is also looking forward to getting back to the set saying, “I miss getting the new script every week.” Eric Mabius, who plays Daniel Meade on the hit show, shared what he and his wife have been doing. </P> <P>“We’re definitely trying to make the most of the down time…[but] I miss everyone,” Mabius says. While her co-stars are relaxing, America Ferrera told “Extra” how she’s been spending her free time saying, “Now, I’m campaigning for Hillary Clinton.”</P> <P>Nominee Christina Applegate revealed that she’s “been eating a lot and doing nothing” while fellow comedienne Tina Fey said, “I’ve been home with my daughter…that is the only upside [to the strike].” </P> <P>Desperate Housewife’s Andrea Bowen has “been writing a lot of music recently” and Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane has been “spending a lot of time just relaxing.”</P> <P>The Office’s Rainn Wilson joked about his time off saying, “I got a job as a paper salesman.”</P> <P>More from the red carpet at the SAG Awards®, tune in to “Extra” on Monday January 28th and for all the latest celebrity news, log on <A href="http://www.extratv.com">here</A>.</P> <P> </P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.