‘Dancing with the Stars’ secrets revealed

Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Louie Van Amstel spilled his secrets to “Extra” revealing details about his season six celebrity partner, Priscilla Presley. </P> <P>Van Amstel, returning to DWTS after a break, admits to “Extra” that he didn’t know that his partner, Priscilla Presley, was the ex of the “King of Rock and Roll.” </P> <P>“I didn’t know her as Elvis’ ex-wife. I knew her from Dallas. </P> <P>In Holland, I watched that show religiously.” </P> <P>Van Amstel explains why he won’t dance to Elvis songs saying, “She [Priscilla] does not want to use Elvis’ music. It’s still about Priscilla Presley…She doesn’t want to take advantage of the Elvis fans.”</P> <P>Van Amstel also reveals that the producers tried to trick him into thinking he was partnering with his celebrity crush, Angelina Jolie, saying, “I opened the thing [envelope with name of partner] and I already thought I would get Priscilla…Then I was like, ‘That’s Angelina Jolie”…I was like, ‘You’re pranking me,’ and then they started laughing.”</P> <P>More with Louis Van Amstel, tune in to “Extra” TONIGHT!</P> <P>For all the latest celebrity news, log onto <A href="http://www.extratv.com">here</A>.</P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.