Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Beauty Report

We are down to the wire.  The ABC reality series “Dancing with the Stars” winds down the holiday week.  It’s now between actor Kyle Massey, abstinence public speaker Bristol Palin and actor/ performer Jennifer Grey.

One of them will take home the mirror ball prize.

The series presents ballroom dance as a competitive art form and a skill, with judge scores trumped by public votes.  “Dancing With the Stars“ unusual season eleven competition sees popular favorite Bristol Palin outlasting technically fantastic dancers like Brandy Norwood. The show even had a false alarm Anthrax scare that was allegedly aimed at Bristol the pistol.

Inside the makeup trailer, photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

Inside the makeup trailer, photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

What we love about “Dancing” is the smorgasbord of great hair, makeup and wardrobe collaborating in a trifecta of perfection that makes everyone on the show look like gorgeous Hollywood glamour pusses. 

For that, we can thank Emmy award winning Dept Head Makeup Artist Melanie Mills, key makeup artist, Zena Shteysel, artist Patti Ramsey Bortoli, artist Nadege Schoenfeld, artist Barbi Fonte, artist Angela Moos and St. Tropez spray tanner, Fiona Locke for making our crop of stars look so darn good every episode.

Derek after makeup, photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

Derek after makeup, photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

What’s really cool about these talented women is that during the course of working on this long-running series, both Melanie and Zena have created unique products that are now being groomed to hit retail shelves, and in Zena’s case, have already made a splash, her revolutionary Z Palette now sold worldwide. 

Brandy, photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

Brandy, photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

The Z Palette is a clear see-through top makeup organizer that can take pans of eyeshadow, blush, concealer or even lipstick and allow an artist to arrange by color families and preference. The M.A.C. hard plastic organizers most artists have in their kits are limited inside and their solid black plastic top means you have to label everything to find that blush or eyeshadow. Read our Z Palette review here

Coming to market soon is Melanie Mills’ patented Gleam, a burnished, gleamy skin finisher in three shades (Rose Gold is my fave) that serves as a perfecting potion for skin. Unlike typical bronzers and gleamy moisturizers, Mills” Gleam is a skin foundation for the skin that lifts the tone and color, and hides imperfections and highlights in a proprietary non-transferrable formula.

Inside the trailer, photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

Inside the trailer, photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

It is addictive stuff and once tried, you won’t wear a bare dress or outfit ever again without it.  Mills also has a fabulous book in the works filled with years’ worth of “Dancing with the Stars” celebrity anecdotes that reveals tricks and secrets to make anyone adept at raising the glamour game of their makeup routine. 

Bonus news for fans of Melanie Mills’ work, she will be the department head makeup artist for ‘Skating with the Stars” which begins when “Dancing” wraps.

Every year Monsters and Critics gets a hall pass to visit these amazing women (aka the Glam Squad) in the makeup trailer, chock full of the newest, hottest and most tried-and-true skincare and cosmetic products around. It’s great fun and the hub of the show where everyone lets their hair down a bit, and lets off some steam that builds during the competition.  The trailer is replete with its own mirrored balls, a gurgling zen fountain and a tea caddy. 

This list represents the go to product they rely on for makeup design, always sympatico to the music, wardrobe and hair.

Without further ado, please enjoy the beauty roundup for 2010 from Monsters and Critics for ABC’s hit series, “Dancing with the Stars”:

Amazing Cosmetics

www.amazingcosmetics.com/  Staples are concealers, lipliners

Anastasia’s Brow Wiz

www.anastasia.net/product.php?productid=16156  Another great brow color system, Anastasia Cooling Eye Brightener used on Florence

Angels Collegen Intensive under eye pads 

www.angelsmakeup.com/html/prod_collagen.html  A show staple, takes years off a face.

Ardell lashes 

www.ardelllashes.com/  #33, #117, Wispies, Giselles, pretty much all their lashes are used.  

Armani foundations 

www.giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com  A show staple for all skins.

Beauty Blender

www.beautyblender.net/sponge.html  The best non latex makeup sponge you could own, a DWTS staple. I use this product and a foundation brush, and love the finish.

Bed Head

www.tigihaircare.com/consumer/en-Us/cosmetics/default.asp  Champagne shimmer on lid and Dark Brown eyeshadows used on Lacy.

Benefit Cosmetics

www.benefitcosmetics.com/  Browzings, glosses like “Kiss Me” a favorite of Bristol Palin’s, Benefit’s Her Glossiness in Didn’t Hear it From Me a hot item.

Bobby Brown

www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com Pink Truffle Contour Creme used on Audrina.

Boscia skincare

www.bosciaskincare.com Relied on by the whole trailer, especially Makeup Break Up and Primer, plus Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment; this is a go-to line for skincare on DWTS.


www.cargobluray.com  Blushers, lipstick in Joshua Tree, Cargo’s lipstick in Cece used on Brandy, Cargo’s Blu-Ray high definition blush/highlighter a staple cheek color.

Christian Dior

www.dior.com  Diorskin Forever foundations, “Catwalk Pink” Pro Cheeks Ultra Radiant Blush, lipglosses, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Flash #686 on Bristol used.

Dolce and Gabbana

www.dolcegabbanamakeup.com  Fall lipcolor in Orchid used on Anna T.

Dr. Lancers Glow kit

www.lancerdermatology.com  A great skin prep according to Jennifer Grey, who introduced it to the Glam Squad.

Essie nail enamels 


Face Atelier Foundations

www.faceatelier.com  Especially for the oily skins, it lasts and does not break up. I love this foundation, and you can custom blend it with special foundation light and dark enhancers that can adjust it for different seasons (summer darker, winter lighter)



www.girlactik.com   “Fire Red” lipstick a go-to, eye glaze in “Glam” and “Lilac”, Girlactik orange twist on Lacy, Girlactik’s Star Gloss in Bordeaux, and Sheer Nude gloss on Jennifer, Bella gloss on Karina used.

Gleam  Melanie Mills’ own body finish, Three hot shades, release date TBA

Josie Maran

www.josiemarancosmetics.com/  Argan eye shadows used by Angela. 

Julie Hewett 

www.juliehewett.net/ Lipstick in Thandie on Bristol. Julie Hewett supplies a great deal of powder and great red lipsticks, “Film Noir.” “Femme Noir” and “Cocoa Noir” and“Nude Noir” lip liner a staple. Julie Hewett’s Rose water face spray was in every bay, along with the Hewett Camellia lip balm.

Kevyn Aucoin

www.kevynaucoin.com  Concentrated line of crème foundations and lip colors, Kevin Aucoin’s The Precision Eye Definer in Sparkle used on Bristol.

La Mer

www.cremedelamer.com Foundations, creme for the dry skins, this is a luxurious line of foundation.


www.lancome-usa.com  Mascaras, bronzers used.


www.Lather.com  Shine Control Face Lotion, Cucumber and Ginseng Facial Mist relied on by the team.

Laura Mercier Foundation and primer, powders and Secret Camoflauge concealers, Laura Mercier Scarlet Lip Stain and Ruby lipliner on Audrina, Laura Mercier’s True Red lipliner on Lacy used.

Lip Tar

www.occmakeup.com/liptar.html  Stalker is a hot shade for the show.


www.tinibeauty.com/products/port_lipstick.cfm Liptini Port lipstick used on Lacy

L’Oreal Mascaras

www.lorealparisusa.com The staple mascara used by all of the Glam Squad.


www.MACCosmetics.com  Shadester, lip liners and gel liners, MAC’s crabapple cremestick pearl liner on Brandy, LipGelle Cellopink on Lacy, Velvetella Cremestick liner and Tittle Tattle lipglass on Brandy, Red Enriched Cremestick Liner on Jennifer, Loose Pigment in Dark Soul on Bristol. Fluidliner and automatic brow pencils, and insanely bright and unique palettes of eyeshadows were in every bay. M.A.C. paint pots in “Groundwork,” “Nice Vice” and “Blackground” are staples.

Makeup Forever

www.makeupforever.com  90925 pigment, Hi Definition powder, Aquarelle, Makeup Forever’s Aqua Lip in 18C on Bristol, and glitter pigments are a must have.

photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

Merle Norman

www.merlenorman.com  Lip pencils and mascara, Color Max eyeshadows, Sheer Lip Liner in Tawny a staple this season.


www.murad.com  The acne fighting line for Bristol Palin and Derek Hough worked wonders, Murad’s “Lighten and Brighten Eye Cream” a staple in the trailer.


photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/index.php?pf=LG    High intensity glitter eyeshadows, color kits and luscious lip gloss palettes, NYX diamond sparkle lipgloss in Red Sparkle, NYX super Fat Eye Marker, NYX Super Skinny black liner used on Lacy, NYX Gold sparkle gloss used on everyone.

OPI nail enamels

www.opi.com  Peach a Boo from OPI used on Anna T; hot colors are Barefoot in Barcelona, Nantucket Mist, An Affair in Red Square, The Thrill of Brazil, Overexposed in South Beach, Nadege tells M&C she appreciates the larger brush in OPI enamels.


www.sennacosmetics.com/catalog/brow-shaper-pencil-p-498.html  Brow shaper pencils 

Shu Uemura

www.shuuemura-usa.com/_us/_en/accessories/eyelash-curlers/eyelash-curler.htm  Eyelash curler a staple.


www.skinceuticals.com  SkinCeuticals C + AHA serum was favored as a pre-hydration and line reducing item for makeup prep.

St Tropez

www.sttropeztan.com/thestore/  The most believable self tanner that is the show’s foundation; everyone gets the spray tan, St. Tropez Bronzing Rocks and St. Tropez Radiance Mousse


www.tartecosmetics.com  The cheek stains, Christmas palettes of color

Temptu Airbrush

http://temptu.com/ For those makeups that need the airbrush finesse

Urban Decay

www.urbandecay.com/products/OilSlickLipstick.cfm  “Oil Slick” on Anna Trebuyunska, lots of color palettes used on the show

Visior foundations Especially for the men

Z Palette

Z Palette - photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

Z Palette – photo by April MacIntyre ©M&C

www.zpalette.com Used in every bay, complete management of colors, warm, neutral and cool palettes easily made and found by busy artists


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