UPDATE Dallas Zoo’s Katie the Giraffe’s Birthing Live on Animal Planet! VIDEO

giraffThe Dallas Zoo’s Own Royal Kate is in Labor – and it’s live!  –

Animal Planet brings you a remarkable event — the birth of a giraffe on camera right on TV — LIVE from the Dallas Zoo. It’s happening NOW!!

Katie the Giraffe, one of the friendliest and most charismatic of the Dallas Zoo’s large herd, is due to give birth any day now. The indoor facilities for giraffes at the Zoo’s award-winning Giants of the Savanna habitat, including the maternity stall, is home to eight cams to capture every angle of the birth.

During the day in good weather, the stall may be empty as Katie wanders about the expansive outdoor safari exhibit. But be sure to visit around 5 p.m. CT, when she gets dinner and begins to settle in for the evening.

The baby giraffe watch starts now as all eyes focus on the Dallas Zoo. It’s not sticking one’s neck out to say that the birth of these majestic creatures represents nature at its most inspiring – and Animal Planet is covering every second of this amazing event. America’s next superstar mom is Katie, a reticulated giraffe at the Dallas Zoo who is preparing to give birth to a calf any day now. Animal Planet, dedicated to immersing fans with unparalleled access to the animal kingdom, is teaming up with the Dallas Zoo to welcome Katie’s newborn into the world as only the network can – online with Animal Planet L!VE’s 24/7 GIRAFFE BIRTH LIVE CAM and on television with the real-time special GIRAFFE BIRTH LIVE whenever the moment arrives.

While no one knows precisely when Katie will deliver, veterinarians are on watch and Animal Planet has animal lovers covered with their unfiltered, 24/7 cams from the Dallas Zoo. A reticulated giraffe, Katie is one of approximately 4,700 who remain, down from an estimated 31,000 in 1998, according to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Through the Species Survival Plan, zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums – including the Dallas Zoo – have built programs dedicated to appropriate breeding for genetic diversity.

Through the GIRAFFE BIRTH LIVE CAM, live now at apl.tv/giraffe, fans can observe Katie both in the live feed and through a series of on-demand videos providing background on her life at the Dallas Zoo and shedding light on preparations for her birth. Fans can also tune in to daily feedings at approximately 5pm Central Time. With night vision cameras capturing her movements in the evenings, there are plenty of ways for viewers everywhere to spend some time with Katie.

“Just like our viewers, we’re all on pins and needles waiting for the animal kingdom’s biggest birth of the year. The Dallas Zoo – and Katie, of course – are the perfect partners as we work together on the biggest baby-watch anywhere,” said Rick Holzman, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Animal Planet. “Animal Planet connects audiences with the wild world when and where they want – from their living rooms to their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Since its launch, Animal Planet L!VE has become the go-to online destination for live animal feeds; featuring puppies and kittens, sharks, giraffes, and more.”

The Animal Planet team is monitoring the live cams and will bring the mother of all mother’s days to audiences by blasting out birth alerts through email, text messages and social media platforms, and cover every angle of the maternity stall with eight strategically placed cams. Commentary from a zoo expert will provide context and play-by-play of the event. Fans can also follow along and join conversations via social media by using #GiraffeBirthLive. On-air, Animal Planet will feature cut-ins during programming at critical moments during labor, birth and possibly the baby’s first steps.

“We embarked on this remarkable project because it’s important to show the effort, skill and dedication our staff provides to the animals in our care,” said Gregg Hudson, president and CEO of the Dallas Zoo. “This partnership will give the world a better perspective on the responsibility we shoulder as an accredited zoological park.”

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