Crystal Harris is full of baloney (VIDEO)

Crystal Harris is backtracking on her alleged foot in mouth disease.

Harris was interviewed by Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show and threw her Playboy patron Hugh Hefner under a bus, saying he lasted “like two seconds” in bed.

Hefner replied via Twitter and lambasted the ex fiancée and shared how he was just fine in the bedroom department.

Harris now blames Stern for her comments.

Crystal revealed on air that the one time she had sex with Hugh, it lasted “like two seconds…Then I was just over it,”

She said. “I’m not turned on by Hef, sorry.”

“He doesn’t really take off his clothes,” she added. “I’ve never seen Hef naked.”

Crystal used Twitter to apologize.

“The Stern interview scared me, he’s harsh,” Crystal Tweeted. “I was unprepared and blurted out things I shouldn’t have said, I’m sorry.”

Crystal’s apology was accepted by Hugh.

Hef tweeted:  “Crystal apologized for her Howard Stern interview, which I appreciated. It didn’t have much to do with reality.”


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