Couple Alert: Drake Wins Rihanna’s Heart VIDEO


Couple Alert: Drake Wins Rihanna’s Heart VIDEO

Did you catch Drake on SNL? The Canadian actor/singer is funny and talented, and he waited patiently for his lady love Rihanna to dissolve her feelings and rid herself of an abusive past. The two are now officially a couple.

Rihanna and Drake are on according to gossip website

The site reports that the couple’s official relationship was made public on March 16.

Allegedly Drake introduced Rihanna as his girlfriend to several sources and the two have performed sexy duets that reveal their close relationship.

This is great news for Rihanna, whose volatile relationship with continuously problematic Chris Brown has netted her nothing but grief and even people like Oprah questioning her decisions.

Conversely Drake is a good kid blessed with a mother who sacrificed for his betterment. And he has a healthy sense of humor and a work ethic second to none.

“He stood by — patiently I might add — while she was with [Chris],” said the HollywoodLife source. “All he did was stay back and watch. Rihanna made her choice back then and while it didn’t work out in the end, he still loved and respected her.”