Adding People to the System

Adding a Person or Band

Example of People:

DOWNLOAD THE TUTORIAL VIDEO (right click and save as)

1. Go to the People section in the admin menu.

2. Search for the person to check they are not already present; try without "The" if that word is present in the name...EG The band The Byrdís.

3. If not present click Create New People.

4. Open a new tab in your browser for IMDB and Wikipedia...make sure you are logged into M&C's IMDB account.

5. Search for the person in IMDB and Wikipedia. IN IMDB bands are sometimes listed as self with soundtracks. Also watch out for crew members with same names as actors etc. In Wikipedia watch out for it redirecting. You need to use the wiki link to the final entry. Sometimes they might use a different name or title than we are. Also watch out we donít already have the person and your spelling is wrong.

6. In People Admin Paste the person's name into Name. IN Order Name you put their name how it will be ordered on the site. So Smith,John for John Smith or Byrds,The for The Byrds. We do that for "The" otherwise there would be loads of entries under The. However, for bands we do not generally reverse their names. SO Rolling Stones are just Rolling Stones in BOTH Name and Order Name.

7. Select the category. So musicians, model, actress. If they are more than one choose what they are famous for now.

8. Go to the IMDB page. Copy the IMDB code; you will see it in the URL. Something like tt1201167. Paste that into M&C under IMDB ID.

9. Go to Wikipedia and grab the URL of the page. Paste it into Wiki field.

10. You could also add any links at this point. But I would leave any that are on Wikipedia as I think we will probably automate that. But any others you know by chance you could add. Format is Site [email protected];Site [email protected] etc so semi-colon separate links.

11. Press Save Changes and wait for the page to refresh.

12. Once refreshed scroll down and see if any news stories or items have been listed. With items they will be added auto. With related stories you will have to tick the ones you want to include. It is not perfect so check they are related in a substantial way. For popular people could be a long list.

13. Scroll down a bit more to Biography and tick update box.

14. Go back up top and save and wait until refreshed.

15. Click Preview

16. You should see the new page. Check all is well.

17. Go to IMDB and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click Update Information. Scroll down to Links to Other sites. Under Miscellaneous select add one. Click submit.
18. Paste in the URl of the person on M&C. Under description just put Monsters and Critics. DO NOT put the personís name or anything else. Click right through the various submits and finishes. They change it sometimes but usually about 3 clicks till the end.

That is it.


Sometimes the person will not be in IMDB or Wikipedia.
Never try and add links to Wikipedia.
Unsure of something email me rather than keep going with wrong thing for lots of people.
Run out of people...drop me a line.


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