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You can syndicate M&C's headlines for commercial and non-commercial use via our RSS feeds, details on this page. If you have a special request please feel to drop us a line.


For full syndication of original articles and reviews please drop a line to james dot wray at site name.com us with the details.

Finally if you have any technical questions about the site then please feel free to drop us a line via the link above.

Webmasters FAQ

Q: What CMS do you use?

A: M&C started using the off-the-shelf system Article Manager and some custom database coding. We have since migrated to our own CMS, you can see this working across the site. 

A further version is now being rolled out on some new sites. It simplifies multi-site administration but at the same time extends the flexibility and complexity possible. Eventually all the existing sites will switch to it. Some of our casual games site such as XPRNC are running on it as well.

Q: Where do you get your content/media?

A: M&C employs more than 20 full and part-time staff who work on everything from news to reviews. We also use several international news agencies so that we can provide breaking news. In addition we have a small army of volunteers who provide further reviews and features.

Photos come PR departments and others are licensed from major photo agencies such as PR Photos and Image Collect.

Q: Can I use image X on my site?

A: You should contact the image owner or provider for permissions. We use thousands of images for the promotion of various items, we also buy in many images...credits are usually mentioned in the captions, if not they are usually owned by the studio, label, etc.

Q. Can you link to my site or exchange links with us?

A. We only link to other sites where relevant within our articles and where it will benefit our users. However, we also link to relevant sites in each category.

Q. What company do you host with?

A. M&C rents several dedicated servers with Servint. We have found them to be reliable, fast and reasonable for fully managed servers. We have been using them since before M&C, over 10 years. Great support. We also use Media Temple for serveral of our sites, again great service.

Q. What advertising networks do you use?

A. You can check out this list of ad networks we use on our sites.


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