The Monsters and Critics Team

Welcome to the staff pages on M&C. Here you will be able to find out who does what on the site. To contact someone just use this form to send a message or via the email addresses below. (replace with 






Ulf Stabe
Administrator and Programmer
E-mail - ulf.stabe at

James Wray
Site Editor
E-mail - james.wray at


Patrick Luce - DVD (USA)
                     - Movies

                 - Music and Soundtracks
E-mail - patrick.luce at

April MacIntyre - People and Celebrity (USA)
                     - Smallscreen
E-mail - april.macintyre at

Hector Cortez - Gaming (USA)

E-mail - hector at

Reviewers and Reporters

Ron Wilkinson (Movies) - New York

Rich Bowden - Sydney

Frank H. Woodward (Movies) - Los Angeles

Maura Reilly (Movies) - Los Angeles

Douglas Strassler (Soundtracks/Theatre) - New York

Anne Brodie (Movies) - Canada

Frankie Dees (DVD) - USA

Sandy Amazeen (Books) - USA

Angela Youngman (Books) - UK

Adnan Tezer (DVD & Movies) - USA

Jeff Swindoll (DVD) - USA

Brittany Simms (Movies) - Los Angeles

Colin MacLean (Movies) - USA

Frederick Stakelbeck - USA


Anthony Pearson - UK - Movies

Michelle Wray - UK - Movies & Smallscreen

Dan Nasserian - USA - Movies & Smallscreen


Janie Logan - USA - The TV Cricket (Smallscreen)

Shaun Lawson - UK - The Big Feller (Soccer)

Evrim Ersoy - UK - London Calling (Movies)

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