Conrad Hilton Is An Entitled Douche Canoe, Allegedly

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Conrad Hilton- Instagram

Peasant Power: Paris Hilton’s youngest brother, Conrad Hilton, plead guilty to assault for allegedly threatening to kill British Airway flight attendants and calling passengers “peasants” during a flight from London to Los Angeles in July. Hi moneybags family paid for a top lawyer and paid his way out of trouble, so he’s been released back into the wild.

Just when his amateur porn star turned fragrance and hotelier sister Paris finally was washed from the tabloid headlines, bro Conrad has picked up the banner of reigning asshat. The AP and Daily Mail (UK) reports Conrad signed the agreement on Tuesday and is due to appear in court on Thursday, though he will not enter a plea at that time.

The misdemeanor charge carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail, a year of probation and a $5,000 fine, but prosecutors say they will only ask for probation.


Hilton, courtesy of Instagram


What happened?

Allegedly during the flight, Hilton, 20, screamed profanities at the crew and passengers, including, “I am going to f—ing kill you!” and “I will f—ing own anyone on this flight … they are f—ing peasants,” according to a U.S. District Court criminal complaint, reported by TMZ, People and the AP. He allegedly became punched the plane’s bulkhead just inches from a flight attendants face. “I could get you all fired in five minutes. I know your boss,” Hilton reportedly said, according to the complaint. “My father will pay this out, he has done it before. Dad paid $300,000 last time.”

Hilton’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, who worked with O.J. Simpson and now shills for LegalZoom, has previously suggested that the behavior may have been due to “the effects of a sleeping pill.” Contain your laughter.