Complications in Marcia Cross’ pregnancy

The National Enquirer has posted breaking news that “Desperate Housewives” star Marcia Cross “is facing a serious pregnancy complication she fears could jeopardize the health of her unborn twins.”

The beautiful redhead is due in April, according to the Enquirer report is suffering from the severe complication of placenta previa.

An unnamed insider told the Enquirer that a “panicked Marcia recently rushed off the “DH” set and headed straight to her doctor’s office when she started suffering from cramps and bleeding.”

“Marcia’s doctor checked the fetuses’ heartbeats, and found them to be perfectly healthy,” a close source told The Enquirer.

“Marcia was relieved, but her doctor warned her that she had better slow down and take things easy.”

Placentia previa is a serious condition where the placenta grows over the cervical opening.

“The problem might resolve itself as the fetuses grow and pull the placenta away from the danger area — but if it doesn’t work itself out, it could endanger both her and the twins,” said the unnamed source to the Enquirer.

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