Commentary: Skid Marks will put smile on your face

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So it is with ‘Skid Marks’, a homegrown San Diego feature being produced by indy production company Diversa Films.

After a year in the making, co-writers Don Rearden and Karl Kozak have completed their original feature length, teen action comedy ‘Skid Marks’.  Both writers had previously collaborated on the feature film ‘The Unknown’, due to release nationwide USA in DVD format in May.

Pre-Production on the film has begun and cameras are set to roll in San Diego June 5th.

‘Skid Marks’ is a fast-paced, raucous comedy twisted around two competing ambulance companies – B.A.L.S (Bayside Ambulatory Life Support) Unit and – the D.I.C. (Downtown Intensive Care) Unit, that go head-to-head to save their patients, their jobs and their alter egos. Hold on to your seat cushions, as these cross-town rivals do anything to out-wit, out-do and out-screw, their arch rivals out of a Medicare payment.

Kozak, who is also the producer and co-founder of the San Diego Film Festival, will helm the feature.

“The last time I was able to shoot a film in San Diego was when I produced my first film “To Hell With Love,” — nine years-ago,” said Kozak. “I’m very excited to be back filming in my hometown of San Diego, using as much local cast and crew as possible and working with the local film community.”

Kozak expects much of the filming to take place around Kearny Mesa, Point Loma, Hillcrest, Uptown and several beach areas. Filming will take approximately six weeks and is set to begin in June. The movie will be independently produced, highlighting up-and-coming, non-SAG actors.
UltraStar theaters has agreed to premiere and launch SKID MARKS at all Southern California multiplex locations. 

And now for that smile on your face: visit their website here.

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