Comic Review: Madrox: Multiple Choice (X-Men)

The cover art is by David Lloyd

Ever wish you could send a copy of yourself to work while you hit the snooze button and slept in? How about taking a year or two off after college to exlpore Europe while another copy of yourself puts their nose to the grindstone and starts your rediculously successful career?

What would it be like? Jamie Madrox, formerly Multiple Man of the elite government taskforce X-Factor, knows exactly what it would be like.

Gifted with the mutant power to created nearly exact copies of himself; Madrox is a thorn in Robert Frost’s side never having to choose which road to take. Although if you never really have to choose which path to take, is there really any point in choosing a path at all?

Peter David crafts a beautiful dark tale reminiscent of such film noir classics; The Asphalt Jungle, Gun Crazy, Murder My Sweet. The tale begins simple enough a dying man staggers into a private eyes office, unfortunately for New York’s newest private dick James Madrox the man dying on his floor just happens to be him. As this dark and gritty tale unfolds, readers will be treated to an exhilarating story of a man trying to answer one simple question; who is the real Jamie Madrox?

Not only does Madrox: Multiple Choice collect the compelling limited series of the same name into one easy to read digest, it features top flight cover art by David Lloyd. Beyond the cover and the engrossing story, featuring X-Factor favorites Strong Guy and Wolfsbane, is one of the most beautifully illustrated limited series this century. Pablo Raimondi does an amazing job capturing the stories dark tone, turning each panel into a masterstroke of art.

Overall, Madrox: Multiple Choice provides gripping story and appropriately moody artwork that allows the reader to get to know one of Marvel Comics’ most underused characters.

Madrox: Multiple Choice is available via Amazon and Amazon UK.

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