Comic Dave Chappelle ‘hurt’ by ‘insensitive’ crew member

According to a recent Maxim interview, Dave Chappelle’s writing partner, Neal Brennan, who has collaborated with Chappelle for 10 years, “said the comic suddenly, and forever, walked out on Chappelle’s Show when he heard a crew member laugh insensitively during a racially charged scene.”

“Well, this particular crew member had a condescending laugh – but that’s just the way he laughs,” Neal Brennan says. “But, yeah, that was Dave’s feeling, and you can’t change someone’s feeling.”

Maxim asked Brennan if he’d work with his ex-partner again, Brennan replied, “There’s no chance.”

Comedy Central will air the “lost episodes” of the show (completed after Chappelle left) July 9th.

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