Colin Quinn’s rave reviews in Long Story Short, a Seinfeld directed Broadway show

I’m a huge Colin Quinn fan, and miss his “Tough Crowd” Comedy Central TV show from 2002 that ran for a few years.

Quinn moderated comics Patrice O’Neal, Jim Norton, Nick DiPaolo, the late Greg Giraldo, Judy Gold and Keith Robinson, all who were on as regulars as they jawboned every controversial subject under the sun.

So when’s Roger Friedman raved about Colin Quinn‘s “Long Story Short”, I was happy to hear it.

According to Friedman, Jerry Seinfeld directs Quinn on a simple stage as he spins funny stories recounting the history of the world.

Friedman writes, “For an hour an fifteen minutes you can’t stop laughing, and often applauding, as Quinn explains the Roman Empire, the relationship between France and England, the stories of China and Russia, and how America fits into all of this.”

Quinn uses props such as video backdrops, and his style of delivery is described as “observational” and very “focused.”