Cold Case – Television Soundtrack Review

This CD is the first soundtrack released for the CBS hit TV series, Cold Case. The drama, which takes place in Philadelphia, concerns a police team dedicated to cracking “cold cases” – old crimes that have never been solved.

The show stars Kathryn Morris, John Finn, Danny Pino, Jeremy Ratchford, Thom Barry and Tracie Thoms.

The original soundtrack is composed by the award-winning Michael A. Levine. He wrote music for advertising, and short films; and then went on to become a support composer for several movies such as Matchstick Men, Shrek 2 and Wonderland.

What is unique about this CD is that fans on the Look Again Cold Case Forum were able to pick three of their favorite tunes for the recording. They include “300 Flowers,” “Best Friends” and “Baby Blues.”

Levine’s original music connects to whatever licensed music is used. He sees his role as “providing timeless continuityā€¯ – the sonic equivalent of the show’s tagline, “‘Hope Lives…because the evidence never dies.” He adds that his “most important job is to be a voice for the victim.”

The tunes are quiet and often sound mellow and serious. Some of the tracks start off soft and then build to a crescendo. Cold Case is often not a happy show, and the music represents those feelings. Track 21, “Train Station” is my favorite tune with its fast-paced guitars and techno-sounding music.

As for the music, Levine and musicians Chris Bleth and Andrew Shulman, used violins, clarinet, oboe, flute, cello and keyboards. Several vocalists also performed on the release. Peter G. Adams co-wrote “Forever Blue” and Liz W. Garcia wrote the lyrics to “300 Flowers.”

I’ve watched Cold Case and after listening to this CD, I have more of an appreciation of the music used between the popular tunes that are incorporated into each show.

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