Coast to Coast radio suckered by Half-Life prank

Syndicated US talk radio show Coast to Coast AM has recently received an eerie on-air phone call from a worried theoretical physicist based in the Rockies who called show host George Noory to explain his fears about a mysterious man who appears to be stalking him.

The clearly unsettled caller, who referred to himself only as ‘Gordon,’ relayed to a concerned Noory that his work at a secret research facility was in danger of being compromised by the constant attentions of an ominous pale-skinned figure who wears the same blue suit each day, always carries a briefcase, and is seemingly impossible to locate whenever Gordon attempts to talk with him.

“Whenever I see him, he always seems to adjust his tie and brush himself off,” revealed Gordon about the strange man. “I’ve never seen him up close, and the mystical thing about it is whenever I see him he’s always in a place I can access… but when I try to get to that place, he’s gone.”

Labelled as the “G-man” by Gordon and facility security guard Barney because of his resemblance to some kind of government agent, Gordon has since found that other workers and colleagues at the facility don’t talk about the strange man, although they seem aware of his presence.

Interestingly, when Noory asks Gordon whether the G-man could possibly be looking to access or steal secret projects currently in development at the facility, Gordon reveals that could well be a possibility.

“Are you working on anything you can tell us about, that he would want to get information about?” asked an intrigued Noory. To that, Gordon tentatively disclosed that his team are working on something called “Portal Technology,” which, if successful, will enable people to travel between worlds.

Becoming increasingly agitated as Noory pressed for more information on Portal and the true motivations of the G-man within the facility, Gordon beats a hasty retreat, leaving Noory in awe of the technological advances awaiting mankind.

“Portal Technology!” enthused Noory as Gordon clicked off. “The ability to travel to other world, just like in the movie Contact… pretty fascinating.”

Coast to Coast AM, which covers a wide selection of topics, is generally considered to be a welcome haven for those spouting sensationalist conspiracy theories, pseudo science, and stories of the paranormal.

Evidently, no one on the production staff has ever seen Stargate or, more importantly, played Half-Life.

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