Clooney’s Sarah Larson is a fun girl

George Clooney has a tiger by the tail with ex cocktail waitress and go-go dancer, Sarah Larson.

Larson’s wild past from Sin City has spilled out into the Internet by way of old flames and “friends.”

Star magazine has unearthed some gems.

“Sarah looks like she totally belongs, walking down the red carpet on George’s arm,” a source close to her tells Star.

Larson has been described as having a runway and print modeling career. Despite her recent guest star catwalk for LA fashion week, thanks to her influential boyfriend, it’s not true.

Club promoters hired Larson for magazines and radio stations to attend special events in sexy outfits and party with her uninhibited imbibing girlfriends claims Star.

“Sarah is outgoing and fun and loves to drink. She likes to get wasted when she goes out — but hey, that’s what Vegas is all about!”

In one set of photos taken in July 2007, just a month after she first met George, 46, at the Palms resort, Sarah, 29, has her bare legs wrapped around a man holding her up against a wall in the middle of a Vegas nightclub.

Sarah – who seems drunk in another set of pictures is wearing a bikini at an outdoor pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, kneeling on all fours with her derriere in the air as she licks the cover of a magazine lying on the ground. She’s also shown on the floor as she pins down a bikini-clad blonde.

“That’s our Sarah!” says the source. “She’s not shy in the slightest. She loves hamming it up and is never embarrassed. That’s the Sarah everyone in Vegas remembers, not the girl dressed in Valentino minding her manners for the cameras with George at the Oscars!”

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