Client 9 keeps New York prostitution rings busy, new scandal

Client 9, aka Eliot Spitzer is being linked to Kristin “Billie” Davis’s prostitution ring, which was busted up earlier this week.

The New York Post reports that Wicked Models, the East Side Madam’s operation, was busted on Tuesday, and it looks like it’s going to bring down some 10,000 clients too.

The Post is reporting that the ex-Governor “regularly patronized” her company and was a long-standing client (something his spokeswoman denies). The information was obtained during a yearlong investigation and backed up by financial documents and other evidence.

If the Post allegations are true, it seems like Spitzer isn’t just into busty short brunettes, as allegedly Davis herself “serviced” the ex-Gov even before becoming a madam in 2004.

She’s described as “a busty bottle blonde who hails from a ough-and-tumble California trailer park.”

The Post source close to Davis said bigger names than Spitzer are involved. “There are some big people involved in the entertainment industry,” the source said, adding that there are “sports superstars” including “a very prominent Yankee,” along with Spitzer campaign contributors.

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.