‘Clean House’ star Matt Iseman shares his 10 favorite things from 2010

The time is nigh for compiling all our end of year “best of” lists.

While Monsters & Critics editors are hashing over the stand-out television performances for the last year, we took time out to ask THE “Goto guy” on television, Dr. Matt Iseman, Style Network’s resident manly man who can wield a mean power drill and skillfully remove your appendix in one house call, to find out what his top ten things were for 2010.  

Iseman’s TV career began with “Scream Play” on E! which has taken off down under, and now Matt is a stone cold hit in Australia, and has a three-week stand up tour scheduled in March 2011.  

It was a fortuitous casting call for a show called “Clean House” that was a game changer for Matt.  His role as the “Goto Guy” takes him to his third season as a host on the #1 show on the Style Network.

Matt also hosts a spin-off show called “Clean House Comes Clean” that is the #2 show on the network. A passion for sports landed him the “Sports Soup” hosting position on Versus.  Iseman has been cast in films like “Transformers 2,” and guest starring smallscreen roles on the “Drew Carey Show,’ “NCIS,” “Courting Alex” and even James Franco’s second home, “General Hospital.”

You can also catch him in the “American Ninja Warrior” series on G4, there’s an upcoming marathon with two episodes this coming Wednesday at 8pm, and the two episode finale on Thursday at 8pm.

A regular on Premium Blend on Comedy Central, Iseman is also a top iTunes artist with his CD, “I Want a Happy Ending,” and his comedy is in high rotation on XM and Sirius. 

Fans of Matt can see him in Colorado this New Year’s Eve, Friday, December 31 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm at Loonees Comedy Club on 1305 N. Academy Blvd in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Matt Iseman’s favorites for 2010:


“A video game with a story so good, it actually made me cry… the first time I’ve cried playing a video game since my brother punched me in the face for beating him in Asteroids.”


“An incredible movie made more incredible by the fact that it could’ve so easily ended up like Timecop.”


“Watching this sport is like being transported back to the Roman Colosseum without risking the plague.  Bellator, Strikeforce and UFC all put on amazing fights, while the biggest boxing match of the year-Pacquiao v Mayweather-never happened.  To paraphrase John Cusack, ‘MMA… sport of the future.’ “


“A show so funny and original, it makes me wish I could go back to community college.  For the very first time.”


“Law & Order cannot compete with watching an actual murder investigation.  This is the realest reality TV show in realdom.  And it’s really awesome.”


“His latest comedy special, Let it Go, is funny, but it’s his Monday Morning Podcast that makes him my favorite stand up right now.  I’ve never enjoyed listening to an angry misanthrope so much.”


“The hardest working duo in showbiz… I heard they sing, too.  Banned from Sesame Street because who would want to tickle Elmo after seeing them?”


“The best quesadilla I have ever had in my life came from a Korean restaurant on four wheels.  That’s American.”

“NFL football for those with ADD… it’s a real time highlight machine and the best way to spend your Sunday.”

“A man can dream, can’t he?”

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