Classic series Logan’s Run: The Complete Series comes to DVD in April

Get ready to run back to the future as Logan’s Run: The Complete Series arrives on DVD April 10th from Warner Home Video. The DVD set collects all 14 original episodes on three discs.

Experience a suspense-filled, futuristic run for survival – ‘70s style  with the series that was based on the original novel and popular film. 

In the post-apocalyptic 24th century, the planet has been devastated by nuclear war and surviving communities exist in isolation.  Citizens live in total bliss in the City of Domes until their 30th birthday, the date they are lured to an event called Carousel. 

They believe they might be renewed in a new form but instead they are executed. Not everyone accepts the propaganda and efforts to escape to Sanctuary, located outside of the city, are increasing. These “Runners” are hunted by Sandmen.

Although he’s a Sandman, Logan begins to question if being renewed actually occurs and if the outside is truly uninhabitable. When Logan tries to capture Jessica, she fuels his doubts and he ultimately joins her in an attempt to find Sanctuary. When news spreads of Logan’s rebellion, Logan’s former partner is sent in pursuit of the pair as they make their way through an unfamiliar world. 

In a press release, WHV Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing Rosemary Markson stated: “We are thrilled to bring another classic TV series to DVD with the much-anticipated release of Logan’s Run: The Complete Series. Clamoring fans have been looking forward to this release, and now they, along with younger generations, can experience this cult favorite once again.”

Logan’s Run: The Complete Series stars Gregory Harrison (Trapper John, M.D.), Heather Menzies (The Sound of Music), Donald Moffat (A Clear and Present Danger) and Randy Powell (Dallas).

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