Churchhill & Seapower – Book Review

Did Churchill really understand sea power? Was he a good naval strategist? Controversy has reigned ever since the ill-fated Dardenelles campaign in 1915. 

One of the most entrenched myths of the twentieth centuries has suggested that Churchill was ‘an inept strategist who interfered in naval operations and often overrode his professional advisors – with inevitably disastrous results’.  Was this true or not?  Christopher Bell sets out to investigate. 

He looks in detail at the whole of Churchill’s career and the controversial episodes which have led many to dismiss Churchill as a naval strategist.  His findings throw new light on events such as the Battle of the Atlantic, the loss of the Prince of Wales and Repulse in 1941. His research is exhaustive and incredibly detailed. The result is a well written book which will be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in military and naval history.

While not ignoring his faults, Christopher Bell sets out to throw new light and a new perspective on Churchill’s activities.  It soon becomes clear that Churchill did not meddle as much as many people think – he was willing to accept criticism and opposition to his plans.