Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor for Big Screen

The movie based on writer Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Survivor has been given the green light by 20th Century Fox. Fox also brough his previous novel, Fightclub to the big screen.

His official site says:

The team behind the upcoming Keanu Reeves actioner “Constantine” are the ones who will helm it. But something Chuck has been telling his fans on tour is that, the actual contract will be waiting for him when he returns back from tour for him to sign. So yes, it’s really, really, really official now.”

They also say that, “that HBO is interested in making a mini-series out of HAUNTED. He also said that all of his books, except Lullaby, is in some sort of development in Hollywood. And he confirmed the closing of the ballet deal for Fight Club with a London theater group.”

So lots coming up for Palahniuk fans.

Lots more information on the site.

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