Christina Aguilera’s not too “sexy” for China

Pop diva Christian Aguilera has been cleared by China’s censors to perform in Shanghai next month – even though the group had concerns with the singer’s “sexy” act.

China’s censors have been known to frown on music performers who get a bit too sexy with their songs, and have banned bands for sexually explicit lyrics – including rock icons like the Rolling Stones. Rapper Jay-Z’s planned 2006 concert was banned due to indecent lyrics.

Entertainment sources have said the Aguilera’s concert organizer had received all the needed government approvals for the shows and that tickets for the performance will be available soon. The singer’s website has stated she would take the stage in Shanghai on June 26th.

The singer is known for her booming voice and her jaw-dropping outfits – which often don’t leave much to the imagination. She is the latest international stars to perform in China’s commercial capital – even though culture officials frown on her sexual themes that are associated with her song lyrics and performances.

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