Chris Rock interview, Sons of Anarchy and Woody Allen shout out for ‘Madagascar’ star

NBC brings “Merry Madagascar” to the smallscreen, and it is scheduled to broadcast on Tuesday, November 17 (8-8:30 p.m. ET) and repeat on Saturday, November 28 (8-8:30 p.m. ET)

This DreamWorks Animation brings back the Central Park zoosters. “Merry Madagascar” begins when Santa (Carl Reiner) and his sleigh unexpectedly crash land on the island, giving the jolly gentleman a case of amnesia.

Which leaves Alex (Ben Stiller), Marty (Chris Rock), Melman (David Schwimmer), and Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith) along with the ever-inventive Penguins to deliver the presents and save Christmas.

And, it doesn’t hurt that Santa’s sleigh just might be able to make a little trip to New York City so they can finally return to their beloved home.

“Merry Madagascar” also stars Cedric The Entertainer and Andy Richter. It is written by David Soren, Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath and executive produced by Mireille Soria, produced by Joe Aguilar and directed by David Soren.

Monsters and Critics’ smallscreen editor April MacIntyre spoke to Chris Rock directly on a conference call yesterday…and veered totally off-topic.

AM: Well, so everyone’s pretty much exhausted all the ‘Madagascar’ questions for your character, Marty.  

So, I would love to know, if you could assemble a dinner party and only invite four or five comedians to join you, ones that you really truly loved, who would they be and why? They can be living or dead. I’m going to get you off the hook with that caveat…

Chris Rock: I don’t know who would I invite to dinner – comedians, let’s see. Who do I like…

AM: People who really crack you up.

Chris Rock: I love (Adam) Sandler, he’s great at dinner, and he is going to make you drink a little.  He’s a great hang.  Let’s see I don’t know… got to invite Richard Pryor, you know, hopefully he’ll show up, you never know.

AM: And if he were alive, what would you ask him?

Chris Rock:  I don’t know… what would I ask Richard? I don’t know, I’m just like should I take this gig? (laughs)

No, no. I don’t know it’s weird, we don’t talk about like jokes and stuff when you’re around comedians; you end talking about the Yankees or something.

AM: Yeah.

Chris Rock: I don’t know… who would I invite?

AM: Yes, who would you want to share a meal with and talk about life, comedy, anything?

Chris Rock:  Ellen is always good at a table.  Ellen DeGeneres is always good to have around, because she likes chicks too. Like, so you can literally talk about women like you would if a guy was around.  And she has some interesting insights.

Who else? Oh, Steve Martin, just because I don’t know him at all.

AM: Well, what would you ask Steve Martin?

Chris Rock: What makes you tick Mr. Martin? 

I never ate with Vince Vaughn,  the guy cracks me up. He cracks me up.

Sometimes he’s like you have these people that you don’t have any – it’s weird I just did a movie with Kevin James, me, James and Sandler and at one point I was like, man… we’ve never spoken, sometimes you’re just in the same business…

So this year – me and Kevin James, two comedians from New York both worked – same age, both have two kids, wives, whatever and we’ve never, ever said two words to each other. We’re never in the same room until this year.

AM: Interesting.

Chris Rock: So, Vince Vaughn cracks me up and I might have met him once. I think I met him one time.

AM: Were you a fan of Swingers?

Chris Rock: I loved Swingers!  I’m a fan – you know what’s weird and when he got me?  

Letterman was sick and he hosted the Letterman Show. 

He hosted the Late Show it was like the funniest, most natural thing I’d ever seen.  I was like wow, this guy is amazing.

AM: You get one more choice, who’s it going to be?

Chris Rock: One more, who else? Who’d I say, Richard Pryor, Sandler, Ellen…

AM: Vince Vaughn.

Chris Rock: …Vince Vaughn, he’s a funny guy that Vince Vaughn. Woody Allen, you’ve got to get Woody in there.

AM: And which one of his films spoke to you?

Chris Rock: Which one? Which one didn’t?  You know, Husbands and Wives, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Broadway Danny Rose, Manhattan, Annie Hall, Match Point, Vicky Christina Barcelona, I mean,  anything! He’s the best.

AM: Did Broadway Danny Rose make you cry?

Chris Rock: I loved Broadway Danny Rose, and it does make me cry… sometimes and occasionally I will check into a hotel under the name Artie Dunn.

Artie Dunn was the ventriloquist who gets beat up. And…You’ve got to give us a name, Artie Dunn.

AM: That’s hilarious. Okay everyone’s going to know this now, Artie Dunn, scouring hotel ledgers for you.

Chris Rock: Yeah, Artie Dunn, I’ve check into a few hotels under Artie Dunn.

AM: Were you a fan of Radio Days?

Chris Rock: I loved Radio Days. I’m telling you it’s really like – with Woody it’s like the movies I don’t like and that’s like four movies maybe.

AM: Yeah.

Chris Rock:  Dude, I like September, okay? I like the Other Woman, I like Interiors…

AM: You’re a fan.

Chris Rock: (laughs) Okay?

AM: If you’re going to watch TV and you have a choice between Glee, Sons of Anarchy or something on the History Channel – what are you going to pick?

Chris Rock:  I’m going to say Sons of Anarchy.

AM: Are you a fan of the Kurt Sutter FX show?

Chris Rock: I haven’t even seen it yet I’m just like – as I get older I just want to get lost. 

So, Glee so I’m sure is funny, I haven’t seen it yet. It’s going to make me think about work.  I’ll see it when I need to, you know what I mean?

AM: Diplomatic.

Chris Rock: I’m sure I’ll need to see it at some point, I’ll have some meeting with somebody or whatever enough people will tell me it’s funny …right now I’m watching a lot of Arrested Development.

In the industry you kind of know a lot of it you’re just rewatching it. But…there’s nothing like a good drama to take, especially when you’re not in the drama business.



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