Chris Brown refused by California court

Alleged assaulter of Rihanna, Chris Brown, will be facing the judge on his appointed day despite best efforts of attorney Mark Geragos.

The Associated Press reports that the California Supreme Court today (06-17-09) denied a request to delay Brown’s upcoming hearing.

Geragos appealed to California’s highest court after the lower court judge, Judge Patricia Schnegg, denied his motion to access the confidential personnel records of 25 Los Angeles Police Department employees.

Geragos was trying to determine who in the LAPD leaked a graphic photo of a banged up and bloody Rihanna taken after she was allegedly assaulted by Brown.

Brown is accused of assaulting his former girlfriend, pop star Rihanna the night of the Grammys, inside his rented exotic vehicle.

Rihanna is also facing legal issues, as her neighbor Christian Moeller on Tuesday sued the 21-year-old pop singer and landlord Stephen Yacobian, who owns the house she rents in Los Angeles. The lawsuit claims cars are routinely parked on his lawn or wait on his property, including cars used by Rihanna.


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