Chris Brown is done

Allegations of biting, choking and possible kidney failure for pop star Rihanna at the hands of her boyfriend Chris Brown have pretty much sullied the rapper’s reputation.

Chris Brown’s family tries to defend him by saying ridiculous statements to the press, like his cousin who tells Extra: “He had to be provoked to do it.”

Brown’s cousin, Phylicia Thompson comes to the singer’s defense over the attack declaring, “Chris was not brought up…to beat on a woman.”

She goes on to say, “So it had to be something to provoke him for Chris to do it. He wouldn’t have done is just to be having fun….But what happens behind closed doors, nobody ever knows.”

Standing outside the house where Brown grew up in, Thompson told “Extra,” “He might feel down right now because his fans are looking down on him, like he’s done something wrong. Of course, yes, he’s done something wrong because he put his hands on her, but like I said, you don’t know what happened. He had to be provoked to do it. Chris would never have done it.”

Thompson, who last saw Brown in April 2008, adds, “Everybody loved Chris….This comes as a surprise to me…He was never a troubled child.”

Growing up with Brown, Thompson admits, “It was fun. Me and Chris were close in age. He practically lived with us….It was pretty cool growing up with Chris…We had so much fun. He was just an active child…He liked to dance. He liked to sing. He liked to play sports.”

Hollywood reporter Janet Charlton takes it a bit further on her blog. She writes that Jay-Z  allegedly “is MAD.” Charlton claims that the rapper was out last night without Beyonce “and he was in a dour mood. Not surprising, since new and appalling details about his protege Rihanna’s condition continue to trickle out. The beating she took from Chris Brown was far worse than first reported – now there are also rumors that she has kidney damage. It’s understood among the hip hop crowd that Chris Brown’s career is OVER.”

“Extra’s” interview with Thompson airs tonight.


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