Cher’s son Allman slams Cruise: “People aren’t buying into his whole act”

Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman has slammed his mother’s former live in boyfriend, Tom Cruise, insisting he should stop talking about his life because “people aren’t buying into his whole act”.

According to Allman, mum Cher dated Cruise in the 1980s, before he made the break-out Top Gun directed by Tony Scott.   Allman states the pair lived together.
Allman, who is Cher’s son with musician Gregg Allman, claims Cruise “has changed significantly over the years.”

Us Weekly reports Allman as saying: “He was totally different. We lived with him for a couple of years. (Now) he shouldn’t be trying to help his career by talking about his personal life. People aren’t buying into his whole act.”

Allman made headlines last week when he appeared on the Howard Stern radio show and revealed that after he had sex with Paris Hilton he scrubbed down his private parts with Tilex because he feared he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from the heiress.

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