Chef Michel Richard reports on Obamas’ meal

President Barack Obama and wife Michelle had paparazzi popping when they stepped out on Saturday night for a three-hour dinner at D.C. hotspot Citronelle.

Famed restaurateur and owner of Citronelle, Chef Michel Richard, spoke only to “Extra” about the first couple’s romantic dinner date and even revealed the Presidential menu. 

Richard told “Extra” that he learned of Barack and Michelle’s visit only an hour before they arrived at the restaurant. “We had a reservation for two people from the White House…[but] did not know who it was…[At] five to six, forty Secret Service were all over. They blocked the street.”

When they arrived, Barack and Michelle first dined on an appetizer – soft shell crab tempura with eggplant. Michelle ordered a lobster burger which is not on the regular menu but Richard complied. “She asked for it and it was impossible to refuse to the queen of this country [so] we give it to her!” Barack dined on 72-hour aged beef and only one French fry. Richard says, “He wants to stay skinny, you know?”

Drinks and dessert? Of course! They drank two martinis, straight up with an olive, and indulged in a crème brŭlée but didn’t eat the dough! “We make the best pastries in the world and they removed the puff pastry and ate the crème brŭlée….Same thing at my home. My wife never touches the dough.”

Richard even commented on the Obamas tip, leaving a 20% gratuity and he seemed taken that Michelle planted a kiss on him when the first couple left dinner. “When she said goodbye to me, she talked to me in French…She kissed me and grabbed me…My wife was right there. No fight,” Richard laughed.

So, how much will Richard charge for future patrons to sit at the Obama table? “Zero…Zero.” On second thought, “Maybe we are going to charge. [Make them] order a bottle of Cristal.”


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