Charlie Sheen dating Palm Beach socialite, Brooke Mueller

Palm Beach (FL.) Post Columnist Jose Lambiet reports that Brooke Mueller, daughter of Palm Beach socialite Moira Fiore, and actor Charlie Sheen – are “an item”.

Mum Fiore tells Lambiet “she and hubby John Fiore traveled to the Left Coast last week to be introduced to (Charlie) Sheen, 40. Brooke met his mom and dad, West Wing star Martin Sheen and Janet, on Mother’s Day.”

“I’ve never seen my daughter happier,” Fiore said. “She told me they laugh morning, noon and night, and that she’s never been more comfortable with someone. Charlie says he loves her personality and, of course, her looks. As a mother, if they’re happy, I’m happy.”

Charlie Sheen has had a lot of negative press lately, with his estrangement from Denise Richards and her allegations of drugs, girls, and unsuitable parental behavior in general.

Fiore is unfazed by these allegations. “What matters is how he treats my daughter.”

According to reporter Lambiet, “Mueller met Sheen at a party three months ago. They were introduced by her best friend, actress Rebecca Gayheart (Scream 2).”

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