Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller marriage tested

Newlyweds Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are allegedly taking some time out to work out some issues.

The new couple, pregnant with twins, have reportedly had a falling out of sorts, according to In Touch magazine.

Charlie was formerly married to actress Denise Richards before announcing his engagement to socialite Brooke, whom he married this summer.

The magazine cited sources who claim Brooke has left to seek help from her family.

From In Touch: “Charlie and Brooke are going through a rough patch,” an insider says. “They are arguing a lot.”

Brooke’s close friend says she might have flown to Palm Beach, Fla. to stay with her mother Moira Fiore. “I’m not saying that she’s not here,” Moira tells In Touch. “I really can’t say anything.”

Another unnamed source says that Brooke has been hard to reach. “I have not talked to her at all. Her voice mail is full and she hasn’t been in touch with anyone.”

According to an unnamed source, Brooke is worried that Charlie, 43, who has battled many demons, might be slipping back to some of his bad-boy behaviors since they’ve announced having the babies.

“Charlie has intimacy issues sometimes,” an unnamed “insider” says.

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