Celtic Alphabets – Book Review

Another very practical and extremely useful book by Judy Balchin.  It is a book that will delight artists and craftspeople alike as it contains eleven alphabets using different styles of Celtic lettering.  Some are very simple outlines, while others incorporate integral designs, heads and animals. 

Not all the alphabet designs are traditional.   In some cases, Balchin has brought the concept up to date and used modern, almost cartoonish heads and color mixes.  There are also sections dealing with numerals, borders and motifs which can be combined with an alphabet letter to make a stunning design. 

This is a book full of ideas, as it also indicates ways in which the designs can be used as illustrations, cover boxes or make cards.  Lavishly illustrated, it is a work of art in itself.  The ring binder style makes it easier to copy the outlines especially if using a light box.   Well thought out, it is an invaluable reference book.