Celebrity designer Anand Jon arrested for rape

Noted designer to celebrities, Anand Jon, was arrested and jailed after the Beverly Hills police allege he raped two people, reports TMZ.

TMZ obtained a copy of the felony complaint, in it designer Jon allegedly committed a variety of shocking acts on four separate victims between October of 2004 and March 5, 2007.

Among the charges: Two counts of forcible rape, as well as “sexual battery by restraint, attempted forcible oral copulation and two counts of committing a lewd act upon a child.”

In the document TMZ obtained, police say that Anand, 30, used an accomplice during the alleged sexual battery and forcible copulation. TMZ reports that this part of the investigation into that unnamed person is ongoing.

Jon is frequently on MTV and has socialized with Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul and Michelle Rodriguez according to TMZ.

He was arrested by Beverly Hills Police on March 6th, after one of his accusers came forward to authorities. An investigation discovered three other possible victims, the youngest is 15-years-old.

Jon is behind bars in Los Angeles County Jail, according to the New York Daily News, with bail set at $1,365,000. He is due back in court to face a judge on April 4.

TMZ reports that Paris Hilton was scheduled to attend a launch of Anand Jon’s new line in India in Fall 2007, where Jon was born.

“The New York based designer has appeared on ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ AJ Jeans were unveiled on Valentine’s Day at MAGIC, a huge fashion industry convention in Las Vegas.”

TMZ lists that in 2004, Anand was featured in the “Power & Influence” list in Newsweek.



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