Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Date of Birth: 18th December 1963
Known as: Actor, Producer

Brad Pitt Biography

Brad Pitt is an American actor and producer.

Pitt was born on December 18th 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The family later moved to Missouri where Pitt attended the University of Missouri and studied journalism and advertising.

After graduating he moved to LA and took up some acting lessons. He had a few uncredited parts on minor movies and soon landed parts in NBC’s Another World and ABC’s Growing Pains.

However, it was no until his 1991 role in chick road flick Thelma and Louise that he really rose to fame. His bedroom scene with Geena Davis made him an instant sex symbol and many roles followed.

Notable films for Pitt include A River Runs Through It, Seven, 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, Snatch and World War Z.

In his personal life Pitt has dated many actresses including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. He married his Mr. & Mr.s Smith co-star Angelina Jolie in 2014. The pair have three adopted and three natural children.

The actor also takes a great interest in politics and humanitarian causes. Pitt also has a notable interest in architecture.

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