Cats & Kittens in Acrylics (Ready to Paint) – Book Review

Would you love to be able to paint cats and kittens but find it hard to get their shapes and expressions right? Then this book is the perfect answer.  Reuseable tracings are provided to help novice artists. 

Step by step demonstrations show how to create a selection of different types of cats including a ginger tabby, long haired Persian and elegant Orientals.  Playful kittens raise a smile.

Instructions are clear and very understandable even stating exactly which color shades and paint brushes should be used at each stage to create the best effect.  It makes it much easier for anyone with a bit of patience to create a painting of which they can be proud. 

Julie has done a very good job in turning a subject which can be quite difficult into straightforward, simple language which requires only a modicum of skill to follow.