Castle: The Complete Fourth Season – DVD Review

Richard Castle, author (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett, detective (Stana Katic) have teamed up for a fourth season of adventure as they solve murders and navigate the murky waters of their relationship.  They work well as a team, but is there something more to their partnership? 

Those who are already fans of the show will want to own this Season 4 set, and for those who don’t know the series, this is a great place to start, although you shouldn’t miss earlier seasons with their stunning episodes.

Castle is one of those shows that is good and keeps getting better.  Alternating from comedy to serious drama, the stories are well written mysteries, entertaining adventures and filled with intriguing characters that draw fans to the series.  Castle’s mother Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan) and his daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) add both humor and sentiment to the mix as they adore Castle.

Although they are not always directly involved with crime detection, their influence on Castle ties in with his creativity in finding solutions. In the police department detectives Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) have the same qualities of humor and sentiment as Martha and Alexis, but having to deal with tough issues and unsavory characters gives their personalities and edge and this, in a way, adds the masculine element to Castle’s life.  Castle admires them, and the viewer feels that he feels honored to be part of their “family.” 

Season 4 begins with Kate having been shot while attending a funeral, returning to work and dealing with the aftermath of the trauma.  Castle, shaken by the near loss is determined to find Beckett’s would be assassin. 
The new Captain of the precinct Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) is not convinced that having a writer attached to the detectives is a good idea, and makes things difficult, upsetting the team’s successful working conditions.

In this season Rick has to deal with his feelings for Kate, and the apparent knowledge that she doesn’t return his love.  Kate is coming to grips with being a target for someone who was also responsible for her mother’s murder. 

Several episodes feature Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf from Star Trek Next Generation and Deep Space Nine) in a recurring role as Kate’s psychiatrist, who is helping her deal with her post traumatic stress. 
Nathan Fillion is reunited with his Firefly cast member Adam Baldwin as the explosive detective Ethan Slaughter whose offbeat and questionable practices make Castle regret his decision to take on a new partner.  One jewel of an episode “The Blue Butterfly” is the story of a mystery from the past that Castle and Kate work to solve. 

Using flashbacks based on the narrative in a diary, the episode becomes a film noir representation of the case, with the principle characters portraying the people from the past.  Lanie () is a torch singer, Alexa is a young bride searching for her missing husband, Castle wears a fedora (very handsomely) and falls for Kate who is the big boss’s girlfriend.  The stylishness and wit that is so much a part of the series is beautifully executed in this special episode.

The DVD set of Castle Season Four is presented on 5 discs with audio commentaries for episodes and special features, “Nathan and Friends: Castle Goes Radio,” and “Anatomy of a Stunt.”  The specials are rounded out with bloopers and deleted scenes.

In a year that has had bank hold ups, death, declarations, ghosts, graduation, love, near-death, relationship problems, a wedding and Zombies, Castle Season 4 is a set to own and watch carefully for the details.

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